Sweet Pickled Onion Relish

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Having rested in vinegar with our special blend of spices for well over a year, our Sweet Pickled Onion Relish is guaranteed to have mature and complex flavours. This is next level flavour infusion that will be your go to, to elevate any meal.

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Having rested in vinegar with our special blend of spices for well over a year, our Sweet Pickled Onion Relish is guaranteed to have mature and complex flavours. This is next level flavour infusion that will be your go to, to elevate any meal.

Wonder what we do with the vinegar after the onions have been taken out to be made into relish? It forms the base of our award winning Worcester sauce range.

Because of the long, slow aging process of the onions, at times supply may be limited.


Onions (malt vinegar (colour (150c)), brown sugar, sugar, corn flour, wheat flour, spices, salt)

Contains: wheat flour
May Contain: sulphites

Made with equipment that processes products containing peanuts and tree nuts

Weight .380 kg

75 reviews for Sweet Pickled Onion Relish

  1. Catherine MacDonald

    Wonderful yummy flavour, only lasted a week in our house. The kids were making cheese and crackers, cheese toast … anything they could have this yum onion Relish with. My only heart ache is the price. But guys it is worth every penny. Will order another jar with the beetroot relish also. Good bloodly job! Great taste. Kiwi as! Well done. .

  2. michelle.jagiello

    Umm… we ate the whole jar in one sitting. Too delicious!

  3. Jena

    It’s delicious, picked up some at the home show a couple days ago and am now reordering. Seriously good!

  4. Annette Horne

    Onion Relish seriously THE best and I’ve tried a few, even used to bring it home from Queensland but this is better, yum.

  5. Gwenda Haylock

    The best, most addictive Onion Relish I’ve ever had. Was sad to get to the end of the jar … and had to get order more within days to avoid withdrawal symptoms! Keep up the good work.

  6. Nigel Gibbons

    I love the spicy hot sauce and the relishes are divine..
    I cant get enough..
    Let me distribute through the Coromandel !!!!

  7. Arden Mitchell

    Onion relish is the best that I’ve tried in a while – I put it on everything so good in a steak sandwich, will definitely be reordering!

  8. Jon Sokimi

    The Spicy Sweet Backsauce fantastic in fried rice dish, slow cooker beef stew and in the beef lasagne. Sweet pickled Onion Relish great in cheese toasted sandwich’s, bacon and egg pie and crackers & cheese, also the Sweet Beetroot Relish works well in that combo. When I head up nth on my next road trip I’ll be stopping off at the source to get some goods thanks.

  9. Deirdre Condon

    The sweet pickled onion and beetroot relishes are absolutely beautiful in burgers or just with cheese and crackers. You can even add it to some natural yoghurt for a quick dressing. Love the pepper hot sauce, lovely and spicy!

  10. Darcy Hart

    Thanks Wild West for absolutely amazing products. We got our first taste at the boat show and have already gone through a bottle of the ghost pepper hot sauce. We use the sauces everyday and rate Wild West as the best products we have tasted for years. Thanks WWW team for an amazing product.

  11. Kelsey Markham

    Thanks Wild West for absolutely amazing products. We got our first taste at the boat show and have already gone through a bottle of the ghost pepper hot sauce. We use the sauces everyday and rate Wild West as the best products we have tasted for years. Thanks WWW team for an amazing product.

  12. Guy Harries

    All products were well received by all family members. The beetroot and onion relish were especially liked and went well with cold roast beef, the other sauces are also good and add a bit of zing to cheese and crackers and a nice cold beer.
    I am glad I bought the pack thanks have recommended it to some friends

  13. Craig Gurnell

    Love these sauces and relishes, best ever.

  14. Edan Craig

    The best sauces and relishes available. I describe it as ” Northland passion in a bottle…or jar” I’m in the process of converting all my friends and family I love it that much!!

  15. Janine Cattermole

    Our whanau are addicted to your sauces, we just love it!! We have it sent to the South Island all the time. Keep up the good work guyz!!

  16. Sharyn Goodwin

    Really enjoyed these products. Full of flavour and I used in many dishes. Will buy again

  17. Brian Ferguson

    We came across wild West when visiting meat stock in Auckland all the products are made to a very high standard they are a very good family company to deal with we absolutely love the sachets and have ordered many times they are convenient and the sachets to take away with us for our bloody marries it is a favourite with all our friends it is great to deal with Wild West because you know where your food comes from Wild West sources are the next level to add flavour to your food thank you team keep up the good work

  18. Wayne Simpson

    Each sauce enhances every dish in its own way, the ghost pepper makes baby back pork spare ribs pop with flavour with a hint of heat. The original sauce adds some nice flavour to a lamb roast. Onion/ beetroot relish is amazing to have with steak or with pulled pork in soft shell tacos. I would never buy anything else now.

  19. Blake Bishell

    Best black sauce iv had!!! And the onion relish is so good with bacon!! Keep up the good work guys!!!

  20. Lester Barwood

    Both are amasing products so tasty

  21. Murray Whitcombe

    WWW sauces and relishes are SIMPLY THE BEST!! I can’t get enough of them….I have them on ALL of my meals, enhancing the flavours of even the blandest dish:) Do your taste buds a favour and give them a try… you WON’T be disappointed!!

  22. Yvonne George

    Hi there I was very pleased with your Sweet Beetroot Relish, it was so yummy. With Great Flavour’s. I put it inside my Roast Lamb. While it was cooking I basted the sauce juices and meat fat over the lamb, and it gave the Meat a “Fantastic Flavour” Yummy.
    My Roast lamb was a real hit!! and I am delighted to be able to recommend your products

  23. Eve Butcher

    Delicious, original, lovely flavours that the entire family enjoyed. Well worth the purchase.

  24. Dianne Yarrall

    They are both devine but my favourite is the Sweet pickled onion relish. It is to die for

  25. Mandy O’Dea

    Amazing!!!! Yummy

  26. Kathrin Chappell

    Your sauces are delicious, there is no recipe sweet or savoury that can be bumped up to amazing with just a dash, splash or shot of Wild West Sausesomeness

  27. John Hambling

    A great crew/family. Sauces are world class. Thoroughly recommended

  28. Ben Cooke

    Epic! Goes with anything, great with cheese on crackers and on sandwiches

  29. Sharon Turmel

    Have purchased the beetroot and pickled onion relishes and they are really delicious, they go great in a sandwich or on the side with a lovely cheese ploughman’s. Absolutely love these relishes, a little piece of luxury on your plate, Yum!

  30. Jeremy bone

    Being a fan of Worcestershire sauce anyway, this was an easy sell for me to give it a go, however the reason I have bought more is because it tastes fantastic!! My only recommendation would be to make another batch of the ghost pepper hot sauce with twice as many ghost peppers….that would get multiple repeat purchases from me and a lot of my fellow builders

  31. Patricia Davies

    We found them all delicious and are especially fond of the onion relish and also the beetroot relish

  32. Wendy Guard

    Love them both on crackers. Can’t get enough of the onion. recommend them to friends.

  33. Elbert Bardelas

    The onion relish was amazing. It was great with camembert and crackers, or bread, or by itself. My wife doesn’t particularly like onion, but she loves this and said it was the best she’s ever had….That’s saying a lot.

  34. Josh Farmer

    antastic products. Lovely and genuine people. We keep going back for more!

  35. Neil Stevenson

    Love it and when had friends round put the relish on a cheese board they have always asked for more.

  36. Kevin Hancock

    Wow!!….What can I say….Absolutely Devine! I got the “onion relish” Wished I got the 2 pack now…Will definetely be ordering more

  37. Kevin Peka

    To die for the beetroot and onion. Mother in law in love with beetroot and I love the ghost pepper. Awesome servive

  38. Nick Rowson

    OMG this stuff is so delicious. I have purchased Wild West Worcester several times now & my experience has always been good. Fantastic products

  39. Carol Wati

    These products are great. My family members are now enjoying your products.

  40. Riva Colcord

    Hands down the best sauce around

  41. Mike Ngu

    Thoroughly enjoyed the sweet pickled onion relish so much that I did not share lol…
    If I should win a years supply I might consider giving a couple of family members a taste.
    Friends and family loved the sauces and we shall be on the lookout for your store at the next event

  42. Dave Robertson

    Awesome Sauces, the original is great added to Casseroles.
    Burgers with the onion relish on the base & The spicy sweet sauce in the patties are fabulous.
    Great Sauces, keep them coming.

  43. Dave McDowell

    There is nothing not to like about these products bloody brilliant met your main man at the boat show what a character a man who loves the product he sells walked out with sore cheeks from cracking up so much

  44. Johnny Frater

    My god had seen you guys on country calendar? was it or on tv an thought that stuff looks amazing an the dude sounded down to earth an funny true blue kiwi so finally getting to see one of there stands at the boat show I was buying this sauce no matter what an for meeting the people behind the products just awesome we put the sauce and relishes on everything. True blue old school home made cooking you can drink it on its own

  45. Helen Bell

    Have just finished both my sweet beetroot relish and my spicy black sauce which is amazing for enhancing casserole flavour. The beetroot relish is so good on our home made burgers

  46. Lydia Williams

    Bloody love this sauce. Will definitey repurchase when we finish the bottle.

  47. Neil Gibbs

    I am the king with this stuff it’s boom….. the best on the market

  48. Mark Coleman

    Outstanding relish!!

  49. Kylie Jessen

    Absolutely love these relishes can’t beat them everyone is getting them for Christmas this year

  50. Liv Coleman

    These sauces are delicious. The beetroot relish is my fave, nice and sweet and smooth and goes great on crackers with a cheese! Plus these guys are just awesome

  51. Marcella Hoyle

    All amazing products. We buy from you every field days

  52. Anthony Bell

    Awesome sauces. Definitely goes on just about anything. Hard to choose the best one of the three I’ve purchased so far. The sweet pickled onion needs to come in a bigger jar and the ghost pepper is amazing too.

  53. Siobhan Martin

    That Ghost Pepper sauce – Absolutely beautiful

  54. Renee Jennings

    Not a bad word to say about any of their products!!! That ghost sauce is definitely a challenger, but in every good way possible, with actual flavour behind the heat! Onion relish is an all time favourite in my house. Worth every cent, and the owners are absolutely hilarious! Can tell what hard work has gone into these flavours.

  55. Rylin Lalich

    Great products, taste amazing, had a family dinner and everyone that tried it asked where we got it and whats it’s called.

  56. James Shelley

    Hey guys the sweet onion relish is the meanest so tasty I have it on cracker with cheese at the moment and love definitely be ordering more

  57. Ainsley Porteous

    Love the relishes, great on crackers and adding to sauces and meals

  58. Richard Jacobs

    Outstanding customer service will be purchasing more again

  59. Chris Parkinson

    Love it. takes flavours to a new level. A staple in our kitchen

  60. Zane Jowsey

    Orsome catch up at fieldays guys..
    I fully rate ya product it’s SAUCESOME!!!!!

  61. Maddy Coombes

    It was delicious and had amazing flavour, can’t wait to try more !

  62. Paul Dowdle

    Great, loved them all

  63. Rachael Herbert

    All of them amazing especially the relish.

  64. Jared Day

    Awesome products.
    Love the Ghost Pepper Sauce. Great flavour with just the right amount of kick.

  65. Thomas Judd

    Both were YUM! I like the fact that they aren’t too sweet and that the flavour of the onion and beetroot is still dominant and not overpowered 🙂

  66. Jill Willcox

    The nicest relishes I have tasted in a long time. Am no a sauce person, so did not try any -sorry 🙂

  67. Melindaw Wilson

    Brought the sauces as a gift for my dad as he loves himself some hot sauce. The beetroot relish is my personal favourite although I can’t fault the onion relish. They go great so far with crackers, ham sandwiches, luncheon sandwiches and the cheeseboard. They are just mouth watering and look as good as they taste.

  68. Justine Martin

    I think your products are amazing, they are without doubt the best sauces and relishes I have ever tried and I tell everyone I know about them. Thanks so much for your wonderful products, you were also wonderful people to talk too at the womens expo. I wish you continued success in your business.

  69. Kirsten Clarke

    Delicious, love both of the relishes on a vennie steak Sammie!!

  70. Ali Mason

    Relishes great with cheeseboard. Sauces are being used in most cooking especially by the male half. I even added it to eggs when making small savouries, yummy!

  71. Iain Robertson

    This is the best sauce ever. I exclusivey use it for marinade for my world famous Venison Backsteaks. The Beetroot and Onion Relish is just superb with a cheese and salami platter. Way better than any supermarket brand. The team are awesome as well, great to deal with.

  72. Aaron Sears

    These products are absolutely awesome. They have been great for cooking and the Sweet Pickled Onion relish has been amazimg for crackers and other bits and pieces, now all I need to do is buy the other 2 hot sauces.

  73. Yvonne Rowell

    Delicious! My daughter loves the Original Spicy Sweet Blacksauce with everything, and likes to mix it with chilli as well. Awesome flavours!

  74. Abbygail Wilson

    We really enjoy your onion relish and beetroot relish is absolutely delicious!! The sauces I have bought as a gift for my friend, (who happens to be one of your favourite customers Robert Kent/the Apiti Yeti). I have recommended your sauces and relishes to my friends in the hopes they will try it too. Once again Delicious!!

  75. Lorene

    Brought 3 jars of your relish at the Boat show 2 onion and 1 beetroot love love love them we are nearly out and had to buy more before we do, 5⭐️

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